Why Smart Irrigation Systems Are So Important


Smart irrigation systems can help you provide the best care for your lawn.

It’s time to make a move from your traditional irrigation system to a smart irrigation system. Did you know that 50 percent of water used for outdoor irrigation goes to waste? This is mainly due to the inefficiencies of outdated irrigation systems. With a smart irrigation system, you get the best value for your money. You finally achieve a beautifully maintained lawn and a reasonable water consumption level.

How Do Smart Irrigation Systems Work? 

Smart irrigation systems work by monitoring the weather or soil condition. The data gathered by a smart irrigation system helps determine its watering schedule.

There are two types of smart irrigation systems: weather-based and soil-based smart irrigation systems. Both systems have sensors called smart irrigation controllers. 

The weather sensors track conditions like temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation, which helps determine the expected evaporation and transpiration. However, soil sensors only track the moisture in the soil.

All the data gathered is then used to control the watering schedule. The user sets thresholds based on the moisture level or weather conditions. The set threshold determines when the smart irrigation system starts or stops irrigating.

Alternatively, the system can automatically determine the amount of water to use, the best time to irrigate, and how long to irrigate.

Why Smart Irrigation Systems Are So Important

Experts say that smart irrigation systems are better than traditional systems, and there are various reasons why.

First off, smart irrigation systems are an accurate and efficient way to irrigate. They help cut out wastage to save water and money. Compared to traditional irrigation systems, smart irrigation systems save up to 30 percent more water.

They also allow you to control the amount of water used. This ensures your plants always have the right moisture level— optimizing their growth cycle and health.

With smart irrigation systems, you can also control the watering schedule of certain sections of your lawn or garden.

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