Why You Need a Drip Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Why You Need a Drip Irrigation System

Why You Need a Drip Irrigation System sposato irrigation

A drip irrigation system is a watering system that provides the soil with a slow and steady water supply.

An irrigation system is one of the best investments you can make for your landscape. At Sposato Irrigation, we supply a few different types of irrigation systems. These systems offer various benefits and positively impact your landscape. A drip irrigation system is a watering system that provides the soil with a slow and steady water supply. It is comprised of pipes and emitters. Keep reading as we go over a few advantages of drip irrigation systems, and maybe you will consider investing in one for your property.

Water Efficiency

Drip irrigation systems are one of the most water-efficient irrigation options. Since this system produces slow drips, the water has time to soak into the ground. As a result, water is not lost from evaporation, and less water is used. Compared to other types of irrigation systems, the drip irrigation system uses the least amount of amount. This is appealing because it leads to reduced water bills.

Saves Time

Drip systems can eliminate the need for hoses and sprinklers, setting timers, and making sure you remember to rotate and then shut them off when the rotation is done. If your system uses a timer, you will only need to take a few seconds to turn the system on, and the system will shut off automatically. Even if you don’t want to invest in a timer, you will only need to turn it on once and remember to shut it off anywhere from 5-10 minutes later. 

Healthy Plants

Plants watered with a drip system will grow more quickly and are more productive. This is because they have all the water they need, and water stress doesn’t slow plant growth. Another thing that drip systems can help avoid is fungal diseases, which often develop under moist conditions and occur when plants get too much water.

Fewer Weeds

Weeds are blemishes on a landscape. After spending time and money on your landscape, one of the last things that you want is weeds taking over your property. Another benefit of drip irrigation systems is that weeds have less access to water since they disperse water right around plants. As a result, they won’t be able to take advantage of that water and germinate on your property.

They Won’t Compromise Your Landscape’s Appearance

Did you know that drip irrigation systems can be buried? They are often buried underneath a layer of mulch, so they don’t negatively affect the appearance of your landscape.

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