Why You Should Choose LED Landscape Lighting for Your Property sposato irrigation

Why You Should Choose LED Landscape Lighting for Your Property

Why You Should Choose LED Landscape Lighting for Your Property sposato irrigation

Choosing LEDs for landscape lighting projects will help you to have the most favorable outcome.

Keeping the exterior of your home or business looking beautiful and fresh can be exhausting. But there’s one upgrade you can set up and forget about while it continues to look great: LED landscape lighting. Adding some outdoor lighting can greatly impact your exterior landscape, not to mention safety and functionality. Choosing LEDs for these kinds of projects will help you to have the most favorable outcome. Keep reading to learn more!

What Makes LED Landscape Lighting Different?

The key difference between LEDs and other outdoor lights is the bulbs. The term “LED” is short for “light-emitting diode.” Unlike other lightbulbs, LEDs create light when an electrical current passes through these diodes. In comparison, incandescent and halogen bulbs rely on an unbroken metal filament to carry the current, which heats the wire until it glows.

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

LED lights are also perfect for low-voltage outdoor lighting. Low-voltage lighting is typically preferred in residential yard lighting projects. So, energy-efficient LEDs have quickly become one of the best lighting options available. Landscape lighting that uses LEDs looks amazing, is durable, and is resistant to the elements. Unlike other lighting technologies, LED lights suit almost any yard lighting job perfectly. 

Excellent Performance and Color

Some lighting purists insist that incandescent bulbs create a unique color that cannot be replicated with LEDs. While that was once true, the technology available in LED landscape lighting has improved drastically over time. LEDs for home use can now create light in virtually any color. In addition to an expanded range of colors, LEDs have become more reliable in terms of performance and longevity. Depending on the model, an LED bulb can have a ten times longer lifespan than a halogen bulb.

Energy, Maintenance, and Replacement Savings

Although LED landscape lighting installation may cost slightly more than comparable halogen systems, they can offer significant savings over the system’s lifespan. LEDs use a small fraction of halogen and incandescent bulbs’ energy, which translates directly into monthly energy savings. Because of their relatively long lifespan and low maintenance requirements, LED landscape lighting systems are much cheaper and don’t need to be replaced as often. Whether you are considering outdoor lighting for security or visual appeal, an LED landscape lighting system is likely your best bet.

Increased Safety

Another major benefit of LEDs is how much safer they are than traditional bulbs. By replacing your traditional outdoor bulbs with LEDs, you eliminate the risk of burning when they are accidentally touched. An LED bulb doesn’t release as much heat as other bulbs, which is why they are considered a much safer option. Because they are so much cooler, there is a lower risk of a potential fire from the excess heat. 


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