4 Tips to Optimize Your Residential Irrigation System sposato irrigation

4 Tips to Optimize Your Residential Irrigation System

4 Tips to Optimize Your Residential Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Keep reading for some tips on optimizing your residential irrigation system.

With the hot summer months in full swing, you know you must keep your lawn and plants hydrated to keep them green and healthy. The last thing you want is for your property to look brown and dusty. The best way to keep your grass healthy during these hot months is to install a sprinkler system. Once you have this system installed, you can do a few things to increase efficiency and ensure you get the results you want. Keep reading for some tips on optimizing your irrigation system.

Hire the Professionals

It is important to hire the right people for the job. Even if you already have a sprinkler system, an experienced professional will evaluate the setup and ensure it works effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, many sprinkler systems waste excessive amounts of water simply because they are not configured correctly. The professionals at Sposato Irrigation can help prevent this.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule Based on Weather

When you are trying to optimize your sprinkler system, timing is essential. You can speak with your local water company to learn about irrigation scheduling based on upcoming weather conditions. Factors such as evaporation rates, temperature, and rainfall can all affect the functioning of your irrigation system. In addition, changing how often or how long you water can be beneficial. For example, if the lawn needs to be watered for 40 minutes, then you can break it down into increments of 20 minutes so the grass has time to soak up all the water.

Inspect Your Residential Irrigation System Regularly

Leaky pipes waste water and increase utility bills, and water pressure issues can adversely affect your sprinkler system’s overall performance and efficiency. It’s critical that these problems be addressed immediately, which is why it’s frustrating when you catch a leak too late. A water meter monitoring system can do wonders to prevent this situation by detecting leaks as they happen.

Invest in Smart Irrigation Technology

There has been a considerable improvement in the technology we use to keep our lawns looking pristine. Investing in a smart irrigation system improves the health of your plant life and saves you money in the long run. High-efficiency nozzles minimize wind drift and evenly apply water across your landscape, saving you a significant amount on your water bill. Rain shut-off switches automatically turn your sprinkler off when it rains, resulting in even more savings. Advanced smart irrigation technology adjusts your system based on rainfall, plant zone, and season.