5 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips sposato irrigation

5 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips

5 Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips sposato irrigation

These landscape lighting maintenance tips can help you protect your lighting investment and make the most of your yard.

When the sun goes down, but the party is still going, many homeowners rely on their landscape lighting to transform their yards into spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with loved ones. Whether you have a brand new lighting system or you are looking to improve old lights that have seen better days, these landscape lighting maintenance tips can help you protect your lighting investment and make the most of your yard.

Check for Exposed Wires

Be sure to check the outdoor lighting cable for exposed wire. Wrapping wiring connectors with electrical tape can help prevent lighting equipment damage from inclement weather. It also helps protect power cords from deterioration. Clean outdoor light fixtures once or twice a year or more often as needed. Some exterior lights, such as holiday outdoor lighting displays, are difficult to reach and clean manually. Consider hiring an outdoor professional cleaning service to take care of this instead.

Clean Lenses

Water spots, dirt, insects, and more can cover your lighting system’s lenses, causing lights to appear dim. Give your lighting system’s lenses a quick scrub and see the difference. If your lights are regularly hit by hard water from your irrigation system, you may have to scrub harder to remove built-up residue. Cleaning your lenses regularly can help prevent this buildup and brighten your lights.

Replace Burnt Out Bulbs

Thanks to the long life cycle of an LED light, bulb replacement isn’t much of an issue anymore. With LEDs, the main concern is their brightness. Are they shining as brightly as they were on the day of the installation? If they aren’t, consider replacing some LED bulbs.

Inspect Tree Mounts

One vital part of landscape lighting maintenance that homeowners often overlook is the status of tree mounts. When light fixtures are mounted to trees, the trees grow and sometimes encase the mounting hardware. This causes problems for both the lighting system and the tree. If the problem is severe enough, it can compromise the tree’s health and pose a safety risk to buildings around it. It is crucial to regularly check all mounted light fixtures to ensure trees are not growing over the hardware. If you notice that your trees are growing around your light fixtures, contact a landscape lighting professional to adjust the fixtures and save your tree.

Remove Debris

Fallen leaves can end up anywhere, especially in outdoor lighting fixtures with recessed bulbs. For example, when leaves pile on a halogen lamp, enough heat is generated from the light source to scorch leaves and possibly create a fire risk.

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