An Overview On Rain Gardens

An Overview On Rain Gardens

A rain garden could be a nice addition to your landscape!

Are you looking for a drainage solution for your property? Sposato Irrigation is here to help! We offer a few types of landscape drainage solutions. This includes french drains, downspout piping and burial, and rain gardens. This week we are going to discuss rain gardens!

Rain gardens are a creative way to manage your property’s drainage problems! They work by collecting the water runoff from your driveway, roof, hardscaping, downspouts, and paved portions of your landscapes. A rain garden is similar in appearance to a normal pond and can display various plants. This type of drainage solutions collects excess water after a storm hits your property. Afterward, it reverts to a regular garden after the ground has absorbed the moisture. Keep reading and discover just some of the many benefits of rain gardens!

Cleans Runoff Pollution

Rain gardens help to improve the water quality of your area. Nowadays, there are plenty of things that can pollute our groundwater. This includes substances like gasoline, lawn fertilizers, pesticides that get washed off paved surfaces. By investing in a rain garden, you will be doing your part in protecting the environment in your neighborhood.

Reduces Breeding Of Mosquitoes

There is not a homeowner on the face of the earth who wants there to be mosquitos on their property. Since rain garden helps to remove standing water from a yard, they also reduce mosquito breeding as well.

Cleaner Habitat For Animals and Insects

Rainwaters help to keep the waters clean for the animals and insects in your area. This creates healthy and hospitable habitats for wildlife to live and thrive.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Not all drainage solutions are eyesores! If landscaped well, rain gardens, are beautiful and can enhance the curb appeal of your landscape! There are many different types of plant life that you can incorporate around your rain garden.  

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