Avoid These Residential Irrigation Mistakes sposato irrigation

Avoid These Residential Irrigation Mistakes

Avoid These Residential Irrigation Mistakes sposato irrigation

Keep an eye out for these common residential irrigation mistakes.

Installing a new irrigation system on your property is an excellent way to ensure your grass, trees, and other plants get the water they need to thrive. However, some homeowners make some assumptions and mistakes — both during and after residential irrigation installation — that can spell disaster for any landscape. Keep an eye out for these common pitfalls, and be sure to contact the team at Sposato Irrigation for residential irrigation installation and maintenance services.


For homeowners with irrigation systems, the answer to dying grass may seem fairly straightforward. Brown grass just needs more water, right? Wrong. While brown, patchy grass may indicate underwatering, it can also be caused by fungi, root rot, grubs, or pet urine. Overwatering your lawn can be just as bad as underwatering it, if not worse. Too much water can cause things like root rot and fungal infections to thrive, and excess water can also lead to soil erosion and damage to nearby structures.

Treating Your Entire Landscape the Same

When you work with an expert team leading up to residential irrigation installation, you may be surprised to learn that different types of landscapes and plants can benefit from various irrigation methods. Drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, and other methods have their strengths and weaknesses. When you use a single irrigation method throughout your entire property, you may end up over- or underwatering your landscape. The professionals at Sposato Irrigation will work with you to determine which irrigation methods you should use for each part of your property, ensuring that each plant gets the appropriate amount of water delivered in the right way.

Watering Grass and Flowers Together

Shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers have deep root systems that spread well beyond your flower bed. This means they don’t require as much water as your grass because they can pull it from multiple directions. So, avoid overwatering your flower beds and trees, and focus mainly on watering your grass.

Ignoring Your Lawn After Residential Irrigation Installation

Once your installation team has set up your brand-new irrigation system, you may think the hard work is over. While residential irrigation systems certainly take a massive chunk of the work out of keeping your landscape lush and healthy, there are a few maintenance best practices are crucial for your irrigation system’s long-term success. Homeowners should pay attention to their irrigation systems and watch for signs of leaks, malfunctioning components, or poorly-positioned sprinkler heads. Seasonal maintenance is imperative for properties in Delaware, and a residential irrigation maintenance plan from Sposato Irrigation can help you keep your sprinkler system performing its best.

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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