How to Make the Most of Your Residential Irrigation System sposato irrigation

How to Make the Most of Your Residential Irrigation System

How to Make the Most of Your Residential Irrigation System sposato irrigation

Ensuring your residential sprinkler system works efficiently and does not waste your money is essential.

Summer is right around the corner, and homeowners are preparing for the heat and humidity. Residential irrigation systems are responsible for maintaining your landscape’s health and beauty, but they may also be responsible for an expensive water bill if you’re not careful. Runoff, evaporation, wind, or faulty system performance can often plague residential sprinkler systems. It is essential to ensure that your sprinkler system works efficiently and does not waste your money. Keep reading for some water-saving tips.

Know Exactly How Much Water Your Grass Requires

The first step to reducing your irrigation system’s water usage is to ensure the system is not using an excessive amount of water in the first place. To measure this, place a clear cup on the ground, turn on your sprinkler system for 15 minutes, and see how much water fills the cup in that period. Grass lawns typically only require half an inch of water per week, so if the cup collects a half inch of water within 15 minutes, you only need to run the sprinklers for 15 minutes every seven days.

Water at the Right Time of Day

Adjusting your scheduled watering from the middle of the day to the early morning significantly impacts your landscape’s hydration. Watering in the morning lets your plants and soil absorb the water they need before it evaporates in the midday sun. Letting extra water evaporate is essential in preventing mold growth and disease, but you must also provide ample time for your plants to fully hydrate. Watering before 9 a.m. is usually the best approach, especially during the summer.

Inspect Your System Regularly

Investing in a sprinkler system maintenance plan will provide peace of mind knowing that a skilled irrigation specialist will identify any issues before you waste a lot of water. In fact, regularly inspecting your sprinkler heads makes your sprinkler system more efficient. Frost can cause the ground to shift and move your sprinkler heads out of alignment. That means they might spray your driveway instead of your grass.

Keep Sprinkler Heads Free of Debris

It’s nearly impossible to avoid dirt getting into your irrigation system. However, once there, it can create blockages and hinder the system’s efficiency by wasting water and increasing energy costs. Initially, your irrigation professional should flush the whole system with water before connecting any sprinkler heads. They should also repeat the flushing process on a regular basis to prevent any build-up of debris.

Choose Sposato Irrigation

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