irrigation controllers

Irrigation Controllers: What You Need to Know

irrigation controllers

This blog will go over the main features and differences of irrigation controllers to help you determine which options are right for you.

If you are looking into installing an irrigation system in your yard, you have many decisions to make. You need to figure out what area you need to water, what type of irrigation system to use, how often to water, and more. Selecting an irrigation controller for your irrigation system can seem like an incredibly daunting task because of the amount of options available. This blog will go over the main features and differences of irrigation controllers to help you determine which options are right for you.

  • Digital or Mechanical

Irrigation controllers can be either digital or mechanical. Digital controllers have a digital readout and use circuit boards, allowing them to offer more features at a lower cost. Mechanical controllers are made with gears, wheels, and other mechanical components. Mechanical controllers are often more simple than digital ones, offering fewer features with more limited and straightforward operating instructions.

  • Outside or Inside

The main difference between outside and inside irrigation controllers is the amount of weatherproofing on the unit. Outside controllers are designed to be exposed to the elements. Inside controllers on the other hand often have cables that can be plugged into any power outlet of the proper voltage. These controllers are intended to be mounted inside, usually in a garage or covered patio. One disadvantage of inside controllers is that maintenance must be scheduled so that the homeowner is present.

  • Number of Stations and Programs

In irrigation systems, “stations” refer to the areas of the yard that are being watered. A residential property will likely have a number of stations in the single digits while a commercial property can have 40 or more. Most modern residential controllers have the ability to handle 20 or more zones if necessary. “Programs” are a set of watering instructions which include the day of the week, time, and duration of the watering. Irrigation controllers often have between one and four programs that you can customize.

  • Extra Features

Like any product, irrigation controllers come with a wide variety of special features and options. Some irrigation controllers have calendars and protocols for changing watering programs with the seasons, while others offer manual station operation. Battery backups are available for some models, as are non-volatile memory systems, which prevent controllers from “forgetting” their watering programs when they lose power. Some systems offer rain sensors to prevent your irrigation system from watering your yard in the rain. Talk with your trusted irrigation professional to see which irrigation controller is right for you. You may even be able to use a WiFi-enabled smart controller!

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