Landscape Lighting Maintenance for Spring sposato irrigation

Landscape Lighting Maintenance for Spring

Landscape Lighting Maintenance for Spring sposato irrigation

Consider adding these items to your landscape lighting maintenance checklist, and contact Sposato Irrigation professionals to prepare your yard for spring!

The weather is set to warm up in the coming months, and many homeowners cannot wait to spend more time outdoors. Unfortunately, the cold winter weather can affect your outdoor lighting system. Before planning that first spring party, make sure you have taken care of your home’s landscape lighting maintenance needs. Consider adding these items to your landscape lighting maintenance checklist, and contact Sposato Irrigation professionals to prepare your yard for spring!

Remove Debris

Your outdoor lighting system is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate on landscape lighting fixtures. When this happens, the quality of light is impacted. Remove debris and whip down the lenses to keep your outdoor landscape lighting clean and clear. The experts at Sposato Irrigation can clean and adjust your light fixtures. This allows your wash, path, and directional lights to shine brightly and in the correct direction. Once your cloudy and dull lenses are cleaned and restored to their original state, you’ll see more benefits in your landscape lighting investment.

Adjust Fixtures

Weather conditions can cause outdoor light fixtures to shift from their original position. Children or pets may accidentally knock a fixture over or out of place. If your lighting fixtures are misaligned, it will make your system look better if you take the time to adjust them to their correct spots. Take inventory of all your fixtures in case one breaks or goes missing.

Address Winter Damage

Another essential aspect of landscape lighting maintenance is inspecting your system for damage. Maryland winters can wreak havoc on outdoor fixtures, including lighting and irrigation systems. Weather, animals, and people can cause significant damage to outdoor light fixtures, so your landscape lighting maintenance professionals will check your system to find and repair any damaged components. Outdoor lighting maintenance is essential in late winter and early spring. If damaged lighting components are left in place throughout the spring and summer, they can waste energy, perform poorly, or create a safety hazard.

Adjust Timers

Once your fixtures are in place, it’s time to set the timer on your lighting system. This step is very beneficial, as you’ll save energy and get all the use you need from your system. After setting your timer to the optimal schedule based on your landscape needs, check the system quickly. If there are any issues, such as the lights turning on when they should be off or vice versa, it could be that the timer is set for the wrong time of day.


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