Why You Should Bury Your Downspouts sposato irrigation

Why You Should Bury Your Downspouts

Why You Should Bury Your Downspouts sposato irrigation

Read on and discover why it may make sense for you to bury your downspouts.

Did you know that inadequate roof runoff is among the many causes of landscape drainage issues? This is why many people choose to bury their downspouts in their property. Doing so allows water to be safely transported from the foundation and yard.

At Sposato Irrigation, we offer a few landscape drainage solutions, which include French drains, rain gardens, downspout piping, and burial. Read on and discover why it may make sense for you to bury your downspouts

For Safety

Safety always needs to be a top priority with any home improvement upgrade. It is important to understand that downspouts can be major tripping hazards. You don’t want your child who is harmlessly playing in the yard to trip over one.

For Aesthetics

Let’s be honest. Your downspouts don’t add aesthetic beauty to your home or property. Many people even consider them to be major eyesores. Downspouts are often visible from the front view of a house, which negatively impacts many older-style homes because they tend to feature sharp and clean lines. Visible downspouts will take away from the angular appearance of a home. For that reason, many people decide to bury them, so they are out of sight.

For the Environment

Buried downspouts can also serve a higher purpose than simply directing water away from your home. They can be fully implemented into a more extraordinary landscape to direct this water toward other areas of your property. So gardens, flowerbeds, and other plantings can benefit even more from the occasional spring or summer rainstorm while at the same time reducing the number of times you have to water them from a well or municipal source.

For Keeping Water Away From Foundation

One of the biggest reasons for burying downspouts is to escort rainwater away from the foundation of homes. This is done by angling the downspout away from home. In some cases, this is emptied into a trench with gravel (french drains). This will allow the water to seep into the soil slowly. Doing this keeps the water away from the home, preventing it from compromising the foundation.

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