Signs of a Drainage Issue sposato irrigation

Signs of a Drainage Issue

Signs of a Drainage Issue sposato irrigation

Here are a few major signs that you have drainage issues on your landscape.

Are you concerned that your landscape has a drainage problem? Many property owners are in the same boat. It is incredibly disheartening to see your landscaping efforts washed away every time it rains. Although life is dependent on water, it is also important to understand that it can be quite destructive. Here are a few major signs that you have drainage issues on your landscape.

You Have Standing Water

It is not uncommon for your lawn to remain wet a day or so after a rainstorm. However, if you have a significant amount of puddles or standing water, it likely means you have drainage problems. A rainstorm or hurricane can leave puddles of water all over your lawn. This can cause several issues such as insect infestations, mold growth, and foundational issues.

The Effects Of Standing Water

-Poor water drainage can drown grasses and plants

-Wet surfaces become slick and create safety hazards

-Pools of water can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes

Your Grass Is Not Growing

Grass needs oxygen in order to grow. When large pools of water continuously smother a lawn, the grass does not stand a chance. In many cases, bare spots on a lawn are there because they are areas that hold water. Grass can not grow when it is drowning in water

You Have Water In Your Basement

A flooded basement is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. This can cause all sorts of home and property damage. If water is finding its way into your basement after it rains, it could mean that you have inadequate drainage on your landscape. Also, be on the lookout for spots of gray or white on your basement walls. These deposits are leftover mineral deposits when water has evaporated.

Landscape Drainage From Sposato Irrigation

We at Sposato Irrigation offer a variety of drainage options. In addition to our outdoor irrigation, outdoor lighting, and landscape solutions, we can help you find the right drainage solution for your yard. We install, maintain, and repair many types of landscape drainage so give us a call today!

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